Ireland, we love you!

Hi friends!

Last week I was at a lunch and was asked what I love most about Ireland.  I’ve been  thinking about that conversation and want to share my thoughts with you.

As you may remember, my honey and I first went to Ireland on our honeymoon.  If you are new here, check out the post A surprise Irish honeymoon! Since then, we’ve gone back to visit and hope to head back again soon!fullsizeoutput_2436So why do we  keep going back? And why do we love Ireland so much?

First of all, the Irish are probably the most friendly people on the planet. Our first time there, we went with no itinerary, no reservations and zero clue of what to do (Check out A surprise Irish honeymoon! to find out why). Everyone we met, was super helpful and friendly. In just a few hours, with the help of strangers, we had a full week’s itinerary outlined (Check out what we did in Dublin & more by visiting the Travel page). IMG_3040IMG_2851fullsizeoutput_2159

fullsizeoutput_2256fullsizeoutput_3b78IMG_9896fullsizeoutput_3b63DSC_0114Secondly, Ireland is super affordable.  Getting to Ireland is affordable (see Traveling Smart #6) & renting a car in Ireland is even more affordable. Hotels, B&Bs, food and drinks are very reasonably priced too!IMG_4037fullsizeoutput_207bfullsizeoutput_2113Ireland is one of the easiest countries to be a tourist in. Systems are literally set up for tourists to come and enjoy. The Irish want visitors and its obvious! Public transportation makes easy, it get around.  There are visitor bureaus and Discover Ireland offices throughout Ireland where you easily walk in, tell the staff what you want to do and they will help you arrange it. IMG_2838fullsizeoutput_20d5Another reason why we love Ireland is because of the culture and the scenery. Days are filled with scenic greenery and evenings are full of signing and laughter! fullsizeoutput_217cfullsizeoutput_20f5fullsizeoutput_20a6As Americans, Ireland has a certain familiarity to it.  Maybe because there is so much Irish influence in the US, especially the east coast. Maybe it is because they speak English. Whatever the reason, in our opinion, as an American, traveling to Ireland is easy!IMG_2803

We hope you will one day visit Ireland and see the beauty for yourself!

Cheers & Thanks for reading!img_3038.jpg



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