Canada + Travel pt. 3

Hi friends,

Recently, we’ve been asked how we are able to travel so frequently… Truth is, you have to know what season in life you are in.  Right now, travel for us is easy and frequent because it can be.  One day, it will be a different story, but today, we’re taking advantage of as much travel as we can!  #workhardplayhardfullsizeoutput_10b9.jpegWe’ve shared tips on traveling smart in 2 different posts – Traveling Smart  & Traveling Smart pt. 2. We hope you check these posts out, as we share practical ways you can travel like we do!

What is not mentioned in the previous posts is that really, you have to see the beauty and the potential not just across the ocean but in your back yard too!  A few weeks ago, we took a weekend trip to Toronto, which is only a 4 hour drive from our current home. We planned it out so that we could stop by Niagara Falls on the way home. #twoforonedealfullsizeoutput_10a1fullsizeoutput_10dbThat brings us to this point- take full advantage of your weekends!  Why not take a road trip to a new place on your days off? We are HUGE fans of traveling on extra long holiday weekends too!fullsizeoutput_109cfullsizeoutput_10e7Take advantage of where you live and find places that are feasible to visit in a short period of time! Remember, you don’t have to spend a ton of money, just have a plan and stick to it! Decide what is worth seeing and what is not.  While in Toronto, we decided that going up the CN tower was unnecessary while we were there.  It’s ok to NOT do everything on the TOP 10 list of a city. Make your own list! Decide what the purpose of your trip is!fullsizeoutput_10a7We’ll leave you with this thought, enjoy the season in life that you are in, because it is just that, a season, you won’t be in it forever.  If travel plays a big role, enjoy every single moment; if not, enjoy the times that you get to vacation and look for the beauty around you…EVERYDAY! fullsizeoutput_108d Cheers & thanks for reading!



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