A surprise Irish honeymoon! 

So this is how we ended up in Ireland….

We were all set to have a relaxing honeymoon in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  Our bags were packed and we were looking forward to relaxing on the beach after a few stressful months of wedding planning, moving to a new city and working full-time.

We booked our honeymoon at AAA, they were so helpful!  At the office, we picked out an amazing Marriott resort in San Juan, with a beautiful view of the ocean. Thankfully we listened to my mom’s advice, and got insurance on our trip, because you just never know. Thank God we did! You never purchase insurance thinking you’ll actually have to use it…. Well…

A massive hurricane hit PR and turned our honeymoon plans upside-down.  During our wedding, the flight was still on time and the weather seemed fine.  Fast forward a couple of hours later when we decided to do our online check in, we found out that all Jet Blue flights were cancelled and there was no sign of when we could get on another flight.  It was at this point that we decided to use the insurance, and go somewhere else.

We quickly decided to visit Ireland!

We were all packed for tropical weather and Ireland is just the opposite, even in September.  So we packed the warmest clothes we had and headed to Dublin!

Thanks to Norwegian Airlines, we were able to get a last minute direct flight to Dublin.

Since we did not have time to plan this trip at all, we relied heavily on recommendations from friends and locals.  We were pleasantly surprised by the hospitality and helpfulness of the Irish people.  Ireland was one of the best places to be a tourist!

On our trip we went to the following places:

Dublin ♥ Galway ♥ Aran Islands ♥  Inishmore ♥ Clonmacnoise ♥ Cliffs of Moher

In the coming blogs, I will share our experience of all these amazing Irish towns.  Stay Tuned!

Cheers & thanks for reading!




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