Cape Elizabeth, Maine

Hi Friends!

I’m just back from a lovely trip to Maine and am excited to share my itinerary and the breathtaking Maine scenery with you, thanks for stopping by! img_4454-e1563240784425.jpg Following our stomachs and love for lighthouses, our first stop was at Fort Williams Park in Cape Elizabeth. Dodging the on and off rain showers, we were able to walk around the park and eat the first (of many) real Maine lobster rolls!fullsizeoutput_1126

A few things to note about Fort Williams Park…

  • There is no entrance fee to get in.
  • However, you do pay for parking.
  • There are a few food trucks on the premises.
  • There is a beach.

fullsizeoutput_1120fullsizeoutput_10f0.jpegIMG_4490At the park, we ate at the Bite into Maine food truck.  Yes, these are as good as they look and we highly recommend grabbing a lobster roll if you can from them!

Pictured is one Connecticut style roll – just butter and lobster & three Maine style rolls- mayonnaise & fresh chives.

fullsizeoutput_113bfullsizeoutput_10ef The last picture shows the storm rolling in (what an amazing view!!!).

All in all, Fort Williams Park is a must when in Maine! This coastal view will take your breath away. The best part is that it is about a 20 minute drive from Portland, which makes this a great half day trip location!

Cheers & thanks for reading!


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