Traveling Smart pt. 2

I wanted to continue my Traveling Smart post with a few more money saving tips.  These tips have really helped me & I hope they help you too!

  1. Earn cash back on your purchases. I use Ebates and usually get a good percentage back on car rentals. They also have decent cash back options for flight & hotel bookings. I suggest signing up for Ebates regardless of how much you travel, because you get cash back on so much more!
  2. Sign up for point cards for airlines, rentals & hotels. Points add up and the next thing you know you’ll be enjoying lots of discounts!
  3. Pack light. We mostly travel with a carry on & save a ton on extra luggage fees. Click here to see my favorite carry on luggage.
  4. Plan your outfits. I always plan my outfits down to the accessories and it helps with packing light. I’ll share a packing list post soon!
  5. Budget for things like airport parking or the taxy/uber ride to the airport for the departure and arrival….Better yet, get a friend or family member to drive you to the airport.
  6. While on vacation, go to the grocery store. This helps you not make extra unnecessary purchases.  In the very least, I suggest buying things like water and snacks at the store.

Do you have travel advice to share? Comment below!

Cheers & thanks for reading!


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