L’industrie Pizzeria Brooklyn

The hubs and I have been doing our weekly cheat meals in the boroughs, hitting pizzerias that have been on the bucket list for a while; followed by a nice passeggiata to walk off the food. Its a nice combination of food & exercise (lol)!

This week we visited L’industrie Pizzeria in Brooklyn and then strolled a busy Domino Park.

This corner of Brooklyn has a diverse offering of really good pizza. Within a 10 block radius you can find L’industrie, Best Pizza and Emmy Squared, all special in their own right.

I want to begin by acknowledging the L’industrie Pizzeria dough. At first sight and taste, it is obvious that there is a focus on yeast development and dough making. The dough is crisp, airy and quite easy to digest. These characteristics are a testament to how the yeast is maintained and how the dough is created. This certainly is not a pizza that leaves you feeling gross after finishing it.

As far as pizza goes, we ordered a white slice as well as a whole pepperoni pie. We concluded the meal with the most amazing soft serve gelato and a well prepared espresso (courtesy of the owner Massimo).

How beautiful does this pie look?!

Already, we have a list of other items to try when we return. For starters, the Parma Pie looked insane (we kept looking at the food other people were ordering)! I can only imagine, based on the quality of ingredients we tasted, that other items on the menu will taste amazing . L’industrie Pizzeria’s instagram account pictures items like the focaccia and the eggplant parmigiana sandwich that we’d love to try. I can tell that the semolina bread will be something special. We also noticed some patrons had squared slices, which I’d love to taste. Who does not love a good square?!

Let’s talk about the gelato I’ve been thinking about since the first taste. As seen in the picture below, this is a ricotta di bufala gelato finished with olive oil from @bambambaklava @frantoiofranci @groveandvine. I also tasted a dash of sea salt mixed in there. This was more than just a normal gelato in Brooklyn. As someone who has had their fair share of gelato both in the US and in Italy, I tell you this my friends, it was a true expression of culinary innovation. A symphony of flavor, a true delight! They managed to marry so perfectly 3 different and bold ingredients. Ingredients that hold their own individually. Ingredients that frankly I have not seen otherwise combined in any other gelato. I don’t know if L’industrie plans to continue having this gelato on the menu, but they should!

Thank you, L’industrie Pizzeria for creating a magnificent food experience.

Here’s a few shots from our post meal stroll!

Cheers & thanks for reading!

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