Frank Prisinzano’s Restaurant “FRANK” in NYC

Indoor dining in NYC is still a no go SO the next best option is to eat outside! Winter outdoor dining is definitely not the most ideal, however, restaurants have been getting creative to meet the covid restrictions (for which foodies like myself are so grateful for). We recently dined out in NYC and I must admit, it was a lovely experience! Although windy, it was during the day and the sun was shining (high 40s).

Located on 2nd Avenue, Frank’s Restaurant is a great representation of fresh & simple Italian cuisine. Frank’s grandmother was the inspiration for the beautiful pasta dishes we so enjoyed.

Pictured are the specials, other dishes on the menu can be found here.

We were pleasantly surprised at how fairly the dishes were priced, especially for such high quality food in Manhattan.

As soon as we were seated the waitstaff brought out a bread (in Italy we call it ‘pane di casa), and olives dipped in beautifully rich olive oil.

Just look at the color of the olive oil- top quality!

To start off, we ordered an appetizer of prosciutto and shaved parmesan and a fennel salad.

The real fortes of Frank’s restaurant are the pasta dishes. Real, fresh and handmade ingredients.

Pappardelle Veal Ragu
Black Linguini w/ Frutti di Mare
Tagliatelle with Wild Mushrooms

My crew left feeling oh so satisfied, but not grossed out (which is a big deal for an Italian meal). I am certainly looking forward to trying the other restaurants owned by Chef Frank Prisinzano, LIL FRANKIE’S & Supper. Hoping better times are ahead for NYC restaurants!

If you plan on eating in the city (or at Frank’s), highly recommend calling ahead and seeing if reservations are needed. Bring a mask & even a light blanket to keep you warm.

Cheers & as always, thanks for reading!

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