Since we’ll be home for a while…


Wanted to share some great resources on YouTube that I typically use to help plan trips. Since most of us are home for an extended period of time, it might be nice to watch some videos to get our wanderlust on!

  1. The first shout out goes to a YouTube couple that recently hit their 100th country and 7th continent- Kara and Nate! I find them very entertaining and lighthearted. Check them out on YouTube.
  2. Cup of TJ – originally found her while planning our Norwegian Trip. She’s got great content that spans throughout Asia, Europe and the US – not to mention a ton of really interesting food videos.
  3. Steph & Neal Jolly– these Canadian bloggers/ vloggers have the most beautiful video content- I just love watching them! They live in Toronto & are super GOALS! You can find them here!
  4. The Vaga brothers – great content, great insights for travel- I relied on them to help plan our trip to Barcelona and for our Irish trips. Check them out on YouTube.
  5. For the Barcelona trip, I found Pickapictour to be super useful. Check her tips for visiting Barcelona on YouTube here.

Hope you find these resources helpful & fun!

Cheers & thanks for reading 🙂

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