COVID-19 stopped our trip to Europe


I’m saddened that this terrible virus altered plans to visit Europe in a few weeks. I’m even more saddened by the pain and suffering and deaths it has caused. As with someone with a lot of family in Italy, my heart is with those who’ve lost a loved one. I am praying and hoping that everything will be alright soon. Please know, I’m sharing this post as a way to put something not super depressing out there.

If you’ve been following for a while, you know that after a trip, I breakdown our experience and share fun-filled days with you through pictures and commentary.  Although, I am unable to share a typical blog post, I want to share the itinerary I put together, so maybe, after this is all over and world travel begins, you can be prepared to take a vacation abroad.

The original plan was to spend a few days in Barcelona before heading to spend Easter with the family in Sicily.

I found great one-way tickets via Norwegian Airlines (we’re still working out getting a refund as the flight has been cancelled) from JFK to Barcelona. Norwegian had a winter sale where tickets to certain locations in the Spring were cheeeeeeap; so of course I couldn’t resist!

A little on how I decided on what to see in Barcelona. As with most of our trips, minus Italy of course, I heavily rely on vlogs and Instagram. I spend countless hours researching  top rated travel lists for each city and come up with a personalized itinerary that both Adam and I would enjoy.

So, here’s what a few days in Barcelona would have looked like:

Day 1

  • Roam the streets in the Gothic Quarter+ we were hoping to stay in this area.
    •  At some point during our stay, I wanted to visit and climb to the top of Cathedral of Barcelona – from what I saw on Instagram- the views from the terraces of the cathedral are beautiful and span the city.
  • One of the biggest reasons we were so looking forward to visiting Spain was for the food! So naturally the plan was to visit & eat at the La Boqueria Market on Las Ramblas, also known as the Las Ramblas Market aka Mercado de la Boqueria.
  • Following stuffing our faces, we wanted to visit the Picasso Museum – from everything I read, purchasing tickets online is highly suggested.
  • To close out the day, we wanted to end the evening at Barcelona’s Montjuic fountain and light show located in the center of Plaça d’Espanya at the foot of  The Palau Nacional.

Day 2

  • This is what I was most looking forward to doing! Start the morning very early by visiting Park Güell. This is another place where its highly suggested to purchase tickets in advance and online. The plan was to get the first time slot available to beat crowds.
  • Following the park, the second stop of the day would have been Sagrada Familia. There were 2 spots suggested to take pictures: SkyBar at Ayre Hotel and at the park across the street from the cathedral. Going inside the cathedral was something that we were going to decide when we got there. This is another place where purchasing tickets online is highly encouraged.
  • The top two things were most likely going to take up the majority of the day, so the rest of this day, we planned to roam the streets and eat tapas at various restaurants.

Day 3

*The simple day with a few goals but mostly relax.

Hoping that one day soon, this vacation will take place- it’ll be important to travel and help the economy get back on track.

Cheers & thanks for reading!

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  1. rdury says:

    There is a joy in planning and in thinking about a future pleasure (_voorpret_ in Dutch), so at least you enjoyed that. Your post made me remember the strangeness of spring 2020 (here there was nobody on the street, no cars passing); this year was different and let’s hope for a controlled return to normality soon. Most people here had a holiday this year — shorter, less travel, but a distinct pleasure to be out and about again, taking precautions of course, but now they’ve become familiar.


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