i Nebrodi – Monte Colla

Since my last trip to Sicily, I looked forward to visiting Monte Colla. Not just for the serenity and breathtaking panoramic views, but for the food at Hotel Nebrodi’s restaurant. Chef Roberto is truly one of the best in Sicily. He hand-makes everything he serves with the freshest local ingredients. His wife, Irene, creates deserts that literally blow your mind. I wish I had pictures to prove it, but you’ll just have to take my word for it! Hotel Nebrodi is an eighteenth century refurbished noble home.  Its spacious rooms are gorgeous and leave you feeling like a noble. The property grounds are just as picturesque as the interior of the hotel.  fullsizeoutput_346dfullsizeoutput_347e There are plenty of activities for the whole family available. One of my favorite things to do is take nature walks around the property and visit the mountainside.  fullsizeoutput_348afullsizeoutput_3490fullsizeoutput_3491There are also cute animals on the property, sometimes you can even go horseback riding!fullsizeoutput_348c The views are amazing, the air is clean and your mind is clear when you visit Monte Colla! Ah la dolce vita!

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