Mount Etna Excursion

Mount Etna is one of the continuously active volcanos in Italy.  Its grand stature is seen from various points on the eastern part of the Sicilian island.

Picture taken on the water from Aci Castello

During our stay in Sicily, we were fortunate to visit Mt. Etna and we are excited to share our experience! Our excursion began with a cable car ride up the mountain 2504 meters with Funivia dell’Etna. By jeep, we then reached 2920 meters to the Torre del Filosofo. We then joined a tour and explored our surroundings. Our day ended at La Cantoniera restaurant, where we enjoyed mountain style cuisine and shopped a little bit (of course)!

We hope you enjoy our favorite pictures captured on this excursion! We also hope that you make it a point to visit Mt. Etna when you travel to Sicily! DSC_0901fullsizeoutput_3450fullsizeoutput_3452fullsizeoutput_3453fullsizeoutput_3454fullsizeoutput_3457fullsizeoutput_345bDSC_0993DSC_0009fullsizeoutput_345fIf you plan to hike Mt. Etna, we highly suggest you look at this great map for an accurate visual of each point.  Please note, as new eruptions occur, new mouths and hiking trails are formed.

Cheers & thanks for reading!

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