Norway: Stegastein viewpoint

On our drive back to Bergen from the Borgund Stave Church, we stopped at the Stegastein viewpoint in Flam.DSC_0936The Stegastein viewing platform hangs 30 metres out from the mountain walls and 650 metres up from the fjord.  The views are breathtaking. It feels like you are hanging over the mountain.  People drive or hike up to the viewpoint.

If you plan on driving up, a word of advice… it is a very steep, very tight road.  In the US, it would be a one way road.  Not in Norway! Drive very carefully and slowly.  Our drive up was fine, but on the way down, there were some cars going really fast, which is really dangerous when scaling a mountain.  Regardless on how scary it can be getting up to the viewpoint, it is so worth it!

Let the pictures speak for themselves 🙂DSC_0926DSC_0935DSC_0945DSC_0927At the bottom of the mountain there is a cute little town named Aurlandsvangen, where you can walk around, stretch your legs and enjoy the small town charm!  They also have some tourist shops.  DSC_0975DSC_0962DSC_0978DSC_0985DSC_0919DSC_0967

DSC_0982DSC_0966DSC_0971DSC_0921Thanks for reading, we’ll see you on the next one. Cheers!

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