Dublin, Ireland pt. 1

Our trip began in Dublin where we started off with an Irish breakfast at O’Neill’s Pub & Kitchen. Holy moly, who knew that an Irish breakfast would include this much food! It was so delicious though!IMG_4037Since the Pub was right in downtown, we walked around and checked out a few sites & pubs.IMG_2868IMG_2853IMG_2934IMG_2832IMG_2981IMG_2861IMG_2837IMG_2956IMG_2862IMG_2935Between quaint streets, churches and pubs, there is so much to see in downtown Dublin! In the evening we took in all that Irish nightlife had to offer! Pictured below is the well known Temple Bar.

PS. There are many pubs off the main drag near Temple Bar that are worth going to. So grab a Guinness and enjoy the live music!IMG_2866IMG_2847IMG_2850IMG_2851On the next post, we’ll reveal the perfect itinerary for your stay in Dublin!

Cheers & thanks for reading!


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