Your Freiburg Itinerary

Freiburg is a place with delights for both your eyes and your stomach!  With that in mind, we came up with a list of the top things to do in Freiburg.

  1. One of the unique things native to Freiburg are Bächle.  They are small water-filled rills that run throughout the streets of Freiburg.  There is a saying among the locals that whomever steps in one of the water- filled rills, will marry a native to Freiburg.  This is what they look like:dsc_0075.jpg
  2. Check out Münsterplatz. Münsterplatz is a square with beautiful buildings and shops.  Its a pedestrian area with lots of picture opportunities. This square is home to Freiburg Minster, Rathauser, Historical Merchants Hall and more. It is also home to a popular farmers market.   fullsizeoutput_31b9.jpeg
  3. Located in Münsterplatz is Freiburg Minster, which is the Cathedral of Freiburg.  It is a Gothic Romanesque style church from the 1200s. It is truly a site to see in person, pictures do not do its magnitude justice.  fullsizeoutput_31b6fullsizeoutput_31bd
  4. Enjoy a beer or lunch at Martin’s Brau, a German brewery.  We drank beers, ate pretzels and bratwurst. fullsizeoutput_31edfullsizeoutput_31f1fullsizeoutput_31effullsizeoutput_3229fullsizeoutput_3228
  5. Walk to one of two remaining city gates of the medieval defensive wall of Freiburg, The Schwabentor. It is located in what is to be considered the Old Town of Freiburg.  This is a pedestrian area that trains do run through.
  6. In Münsterplatz (the square), one building particularly stands out.  It is the Historical Merchants Hall, commonly known as the red building. This building must be admired from the outside as there are no tours available to the public.  According to Freiburg Tourism, the only way people get in is by attending an event. fullsizeoutput_31ba.jpeg
  7. Take a ride up the Schlossberg (mentioned in more detail in my previous post).  The Schlossbergbahn, is a funicular railway that runs to the top of Schlossberg hill, it provides a panoramic view of the city. fullsizeoutput_319d
  8. In our opinion, the best way to get a feel for a new city is to walk around. We suggest walking the allies of Münsterplatz (square).  When we went, we saw colorful buildings, statues and beautiful architecture just by wandering around the city and getting “lost.”



Our visit to Freiburg was a success! We hope to visit more of Germany in the future! fullsizeoutput_2882.jpegCheers & thanks for reading!


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