Freiburg, Germany

Freiburg is a south-western Germanic city that lies at the edge of the Black Forest. According to the Making Cities Livable movement, “The City of Freiburg is often called Germany’s ‘ecological capital’ and has been recognized internationally as one of the world’s most livable, sustainable and child-friendly cities.”  After our visit to this unique city, we understand why it is described in this way!fullsizeoutput_3197We began our day as we always do, by finding coffee and croissants. We found Cafe Marcel relatively close to our parking garage in a park at the edge of the Black Forest.     DSC_0010fullsizeoutput_3217Hands down, Cafe Marcel offered us the best croissants of our trip!DSC_0025After getting our fill of coffee and croissants, we took the nearby Schlossbergbahn.  The Schlossbergbahn, is a funicular railway that runs from the park to Schlossberg hill. Roundtrip tickets are about 5 Euros each. We highly suggest taking this ride up the funicular, the view is worth it!  Fortunately, at the top of Schlossberg hill, we found a  beer garden (How amazingly German right?).  There, we enjoyed a pint of beer and the view of the city and its surroundings. WrociIsOTV2%PoRVPkHGswfullsizeoutput_319dWe also explored the hill and walked the magical forest. fullsizeoutput_31a3fullsizeoutput_31a1DSC_0048fullsizeoutput_3199Following our exploration, we walked over to the Freiburger Münster (Freiburg Cathedral). We snuck in after a mass and saw the inside of the cathedral. As you can see, the cathedral is a mixture of Gothic and Romanesque architecture.  Its tall steeple is seen across the land as a symbol of Freiburg.  fullsizeoutput_31b6fullsizeoutput_31bdfullsizeoutput_31bffullsizeoutput_31c7fullsizeoutput_31c8As we continued walking around the city, we couldn’t help but love the architecture, particularly the windows and doorways to homes and businesses. We were pleasantly surprised at the deliberate use of various colors! It gave the city a unique flare. fullsizeoutput_31d6fullsizeoutput_31d7fullsizeoutput_31dffullsizeoutput_31afWalking from one place to the other in Freiburg is easy.  Many touristy sites are conveniently close and are located in pedestrian only areas.  If you come by car, like we did, we suggest you park at this parking garage. It is centrally located to all the places mentioned on this Freiburg post. fullsizeoutput_31b5See you on the next post for the second half of our day in Freiburg!

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