Cliffs of Moher

After Galway we decided to visit the beautiful Cliffs of Moher! The Cliffs are Ireland’s most spectacular natural wonder at the heart of the Wild Atlantic Way (the pictures below will speak for themselves). When we went, we purchased tickets on site. However, according to the website, starting April 21, 2018 tickets can be pre-purchased online at a discount price. fullsizeoutput_2256fullsizeoutput_2259fullsizeoutput_225fThere is a lot of walking up hills at the Cliffs.  We highly suggest you bring comfortable shoes. It is also very windy and it can rain from time to time, be sure to wear a rain jacket! fullsizeoutput_227efullsizeoutput_22aa

I love these L.L. Bean boots. They were a lifesaver in rainy Ireland.

fullsizeoutput_22b8Hope you enjoyed this bit on the Cliffs of Moher!

Cheers & thanks for reading!

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