The Aran Island of Inishmore

One of our Galway days was spent on the Aran Island of Inishmore right on the mouth of Galway Bay.  This is the largest of the Aran Islands.fullsizeoutput_211fThere are daily ferries to the islands from the main land. You can purchase tickets before boarding. Parking is on site as well, and everything is reasonably priced.fullsizeoutput_21d7.jpegInishmore  is known for ancient sites, like the prehistoric, clifftop fort Dún Aonghasa. Nearby is the Worm Hole, a rectangular natural pool. The medieval Christian ruins of the Seven Churches are in the northwest. Clochán na Carraige is a stone structure with a beehive roof. Kilmurvey Beach is known for birdlife and a nearby seal colony. Lots of these sites are pictured below. fullsizeoutput_2128fullsizeoutput_212dfullsizeoutput_217cfullsizeoutput_2159

Fun Fact: the island used to have sheep but recently got rid of them because they kept eating all the grass and it took too long for it to grow back since their soil level is about 6 inches deep.

fullsizeoutput_2172fullsizeoutput_218afullsizeoutput_2194fullsizeoutput_2197fullsizeoutput_2198fullsizeoutput_218bfullsizeoutput_21affullsizeoutput_21b0We took a bus tour around the island, which was really fun!  As soon as you come off the ferry, a ton of companies are waiting for your business! There also are a ton of bike rental places waiting for your business too.  When deciding how to go around the island, consider the hills, size of the tiny roads & amount of beer you will drink.  For us, the bus seemed like the better choice. Plus, our bus driver was a local Inishmore-man and gave us so much information!fullsizeoutput_21ccfullsizeoutput_21cbfullsizeoutput_21cafullsizeoutput_21d0Cheers & thanks for reading!

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