Norway: Borgund Stave Church

The main reason why we rented a car was to get out of the city and explore Bergen’s surroundings. Which I completely suggest doing if you can!

We took a day trip from Bergen through the Fjords (literally) to Borgund, where one of the few remaining original wooden Stave Churches rests.  The Borgund Stave Church is an original church almost over a 1,000 years old.

DSC_0911 This church screams Viking, don’t you think?DSC_0916

We stayed a few minutes because the inside was closed for the season.  However, the drive to get to Borgund through the Fjords was really pretty!

I must warn everyone, if you are afraid of tunnels, this trip is not for you.  There are so many tunnels from Bergen to Borgund, the longest one was 25 Kilometers!

Stay tuned for another post on what else we visited outside Bergen!

Cheers & thanks for reading!




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