Norway: Bergen


Guys! Bergen is a cool city.  It has a small town vibe. Definitely a port city in northern Europe. It has an airport about 20 minutes outside the downtown area. Its super easy to get in to Bergen from New York, thanks to Norwegian Airlines.  I highly suggest taking a weekend trip to visit Bergen!

So when you do go, there are a lot of trip guides for the city.  Below, you’ll find my list of things not to miss and things to skip.  Bon Voyage!

Bergen: Things to not miss 

  1. Stroll around Bryggen, the old wharf of Bergen. Did you know that it is a UNESCO world heritage site? Its amazing the history you’ll see just by taking a stroll.DSC_0668DSC_0446DSC_0456fullsizeoutput_16fullsizeoutput_12fullsizeoutput_c
  2. Visit the Bergenhus Fortress in which you’ll find Rosenkrantz Tower, the most important Renaissance era monument in Norway and King Håkon Håkonsson (hall), which was the royal residence and feasting hall in the 1200s.fullsizeoutput_11bfullsizeoutput_119fullsizeoutput_117fullsizeoutput_115fullsizeoutput_116DSC_0725DSC_0726
  3. Walk around the wharf, through the side streets up to the FlØibanen entrance.  We saw cute streets with character not to mention street and local art.DSC_0736DSC_0739fullsizeoutput_129fullsizeoutput_120fullsizeoutput_11ffullsizeoutput_20fullsizeoutput_125DSC_0733
  4. Grab a hot dog at Trekroneren. Guys, they had hot dog flavors such as raindeer! This is something you definitely do not find in the U.S., so why not take advantage and try different meat.fullsizeoutput_133fullsizeoutput_12bfullsizeoutput_130DSC_0754


Bergen: Things to skip

  1. Eating at the fish market. I definitely suggest going in and checking it out (maybe, even snapping a picture or two).  However, from experience, eating there is really not worth it. Not to mention, expensive.
  2. Going out of your way to see the byparken.  Lots of travel guides list this as a sight to see.  Maybe in the summer when there are events going on it may be something to check out, but definitely not in March.  FYI, we saw it because our bus stop was right in front of it. Here is what it looks like: fullsizeoutput_8c



Cheers & thanks for reading!

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