A little bit of Italy in my kitchen!

Hi guys!

Since covid hit, I’ve been doing a ton more of shopping on Amazon- can anyone else relate?!

I’m excited to share some favorite products that remind me of growing up in Sicily. With anything on Amazon, there has been a trial and error process, BUT finally, I’ve found products that have been winners!

The first item should not come as a shock to anyone. Nutella! That is right folks- you can find Nutella on Amazon. Never go without it again.

Another item that deserves as much attention as Nutella, is coffee. Drinking coffee has been part of my everyday routine since I can remember, probably why I’m short! A favorite amazon find that is compatible with our Nespresso machine is the Caffè Borbone Respresso Espresso pods. Recently, I came across an article stating that people are drinking less coffee working from home. Is that true for everyone else? It most certainly is not in my household! Admittedly, we’ve been drinking way more coffee than we should be being home!

Speaking of F&B, anyone else cooking gourmet meals like a celebrity chef? If you are, let me introduce you a very high-quality Olive Oil. Highly suggest trying it! Beware, its often sold out (sad face) BUT once you get your hands on it, trust me, it’ll be worth it. This stuff is liquid gold, so much so that its actually named Oro di Sicilia which translates to Gold from Sicily.

Americans often ask why you can go to Italy, eat all the bread and pasta in the world and not completely go off the deep end in weight gain. I’ve heard it said, its because of the flour. Since we’ve been making pizza from scratch, having a really good flour on hand has been key. This Anna Flour has been a game-changer. Its GMO free and actually what pizzaioli use in Italy.

Since we’ve been making so much pizza, another Amazon order that has come in handy has been cans of San Marzano tomatoes. These canned tomatoes are the base of our pizza sauce. Need a good pizza recipe or just good recipes in general? The Italian Table: Creating festive meals for family and friends book has been really fun to cook through! If you really love it- check out Elizabeth Minchilli on Instagram, she takes you through some really cool parts of Italy.

Cheers & thanks for reading!

Comment below & let me know if you’ve tried any of these items! If you do plan on shopping, thank you! All items are affiliate links.

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