Belfast, Northern Ireland

Located in the northeastern coast of the Irish isle lies Belfast, the capital city of Northern Ireland. 

Out of all the places we visited during our “An Irish Thanksgiving” trip, Belfast was one we planned out the most, as there  is so much to see in this UK city.

fullsizeoutput_a8.jpegWe got around by black cab tour. Find them here.  The cabdriver served as our tour guide throughout the city, and in the Loyalist and Nationalist neighborhoods.  He shared unbiased history and stories from growing up in Belfast during “the troubles.” fullsizeoutput_adfullsizeoutput_a4fullsizeoutput_a6fullsizeoutput_b2We had a chance to see the wall that separates Catholic and the Protestant neighborhoods. We learned that this wall is still active to this day and that it is closed each night.  Residents are to be on their side of the wall by 10pm each evening before the gates close.

 Here is one side of the wall:fullsizeoutput_b8fullsizeoutput_86fullsizeoutput_94fullsizeoutput_8ffullsizeoutput_8e Here is the other side of the wall:fullsizeoutput_8afullsizeoutput_87fullsizeoutput_7cfullsizeoutput_98fullsizeoutput_7dfullsizeoutput_79fullsizeoutput_88fullsizeoutput_90Were you able to guess which side belongs to the Catholics and which side belongs to the Protestants? The first set of pictures are on the Protestant/ loyalist side and the second set belongs the Catholic/Nationalist/IRA side.

We enjoyed Belfast and hope you join us for part 2 next time.
Cheers & thanks for reading!


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