Zwanze Day at Seymour The Pub

Zwanze Day is one of the best days of the year for lovers of Lambic!

For those who don’t know what Zwanze Day is, it is an annual celebration held by Brasserie Cantillon.  A small batch of experimental beer is brewed and released at select locations across the globe with a coordinated simultaneous tapping. Image 5-9-18 at 10.00 PM (4)My husband and I have gone to a few Zwanze Day celebrations.  My favorite, by far,  has been the one held at Seymour The Pub in Greenfield, Massachusetts.

Seymour The Pub is a quaint pub in the heart of Greenfield, Massachusetts.  They have a great beer list.  The vibe is chill and the decor is hip. Parking in Greenfield is generally easy to find and affordable. Image 5-9-18 at 9.59 PMThe really did a great job running this event.  From the food to the decor, Seymor The Pub took my Zwanze Day experience to a new level.  If you are local to Massachussetts, I highly recommend attending Zwanze Day there.  2018 Zwanze Day locations have not been posted yet.  They are usually posted in the summer, I always check the Brasserie Cantillon Facebook page for updates. Image 5-9-18 at 10.00 PMImage 5-9-18 at 10.00 PMImage 5-9-18 at 10.00 PM (2)Image 5-9-18 at 10.00 PM (1)

As the website states, the word zwanzein the Brussels dialect refers to a semi-sarcastic style of humor. That sense of humor is often reflected in the experimental nature of the beers, which are not always the most traditional of lambics. In the Flemish dialect, the verb zwanzen means to joke or to kid, and this has been reflected in some of the stories associated with the Zwanze beers over time.

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